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VIDEO: Anti-Keystone XL Ad Released

The All Risk, No Reward calls on viewers to urge the President to abandon the Keystone Xl project
 All Risk, No Reward in More Oil Spills to Come


The “All Risk, No Reward” Coalition released an ad last week condemning the Keystone XL pipeline project.

The group includes the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, League of Women Voters, Keystone XL Truthforce, STOP Tarsands, and the Nebraska Farmers Union, among others. The ad suggests that the project is a “bad deal” due to the inevitability of another oil spill and the fact that the oil would not even be distributed and used in the US domestic market.

The ad alludes to the over 30 spills that occurred in the northern US in its first year and another recent spill affecting neighborhoods in Arkansas after a pipeline ruptured.

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