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Are Volcanos the New Source of Geothermal Energy?

Scientists pursue volcanos for renewable energy, enormous potential for returns
 EGS to compete with fossil fuels and other renewables


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Here's a scary thought: scientists are testing the idea of pumping water into the sides of a dormant volcano in Oregon at pressures great enough to evoke small earthquakes. Why? Apparently, the boiling bowels beneath our feet hold tremendous promise for geothermal energy.

According to a report MIT submitted to the Department of Energy, two percent of the heat some six miles below the ground could provide 2,500 times as much energy as the country currently uses. 

Backed by the DOE, Google and others, AltaRock Energy and Davenport Newberry Holdings have been exploring ways to tap geothermal energy from the Pacific Northwest volcano and Oregon's Newberry Volcano.


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