Energy Providers Biggest Challenges in 2014

- Renewable Energy - Sep 06, 2013

By Tina Samuels

Most people know that energy is at a premium these days.

The global climate is changing, no matter how much people try to deny it. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak.

When huge hurricanes strike, floods happen in usually dry places, and normally wet places become dry - something is afoot. The cost of energy is high, not just financially.

Part of the challenge for energy providers moving into 2014 is how to cope with many of these new climate changes.

Not only that, but as energy sources become depleted, providers must seek new ways to provide energy individuals rely on.

Natural Gas

Oil prices around the world are high and are expected to stay high for the foreseeable future. There's no relief in sight when it comes to oil.

Due to this people are relying less on gasoline or other oil derived fuels. In contrast, natural gas has begun to fall in price. In fact, around the United States natural gas has dropped drastically in price while production has outpaced the demand.

Natural gas has become the fuel of choice for many.

Some trucks for long haul deliveries are now using natural gas. There are other vehicles that run on natural gas, most are used exclusively by natural gas companies. This can change, especially if natural gas companies open or authorize gas refueling depots for other vehicles.

Advances in technology may allow a gas to liquid refinery on-site for more than just a few current locations. A liquid form can be more easily carried from one location to another.

Wind Power

Coal and other fuels used to power the electric plants around the nation will need to look for alternative methods of creating energy soon.

The regulations that call for lower carbon emissions will likely impact all power plants that do not begin looking into alternative energy creation solutions now.

Large wind turbines have been installed in almost every state.

These turbines turn slowly, but create a lot of power. It takes quite a few to ensure that a town or city receives enough reliable power from wind power.

Wind farms must be huge - hundreds of acres- in order to serve a large demand. Several energy providers have plans in place to build new wind farms or to add more turbines to existing 'farms.'

Solar Energy

Solar energy is probably the most efficient of all alternative energy sources.

The sun releases more energy in one day than the entire world could ever use up completely in many years. Sadly, man has yet to understand how to harness this energy to its full potential.

For now, mankind must rely on collecting energy through solar cells that cannot produce the full power of the sun.

Still, solar power can and has been used by some countries to power many of their homes and businesses. A few are on their way to being totally reliant on only alternative energy sources with solar as the main energy.

About the Author: Tina Samuels writes on daily reputation, social media, marketing, and small business solutions.


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