Landis+Gyr began its operations in the Middle East in 2007 but the company itself has a much longer history; founded in Switzerland in 1896 as a manufacturer of high quality, state of the art electricity, water, gas and district cooling meters. The company has grown to cover 30 countries across five continents, employing in excess of 5,500 people. Over the decades Landis+Gyr has been pioneering various innovations including launching the world’s first digital meter in the late 1970s. Today it serves approximately 3,500 utilities customers around the globe and is involved in the world’s largest smart metering and smart grid projects. In Japan, Landis+Gyr is providing communication networks for 27 million metering points; in Brazil the company is deploying South America’s largest Advanced Metering Infrastructure solution. British Gas has chosen Landis+Gyr for delivering more than 10 million multi fuel gas and electricity meters, and in the US and in Canada the company has completed several of the biggest Smart Metering roll-outs. 

Since 2011 Landis+Gyr has been jointly owned by Toshiba and the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ).  The business is managed as an independent growth platform of Toshiba Corporation. 

Rajiv Sawhney, Managing Director of its operations in the Middle East, was present at the foundation of the company’s growth into the Middle East and has been responsible for developing the business into an organization matching the particularities of the Gulf market in line with Landis+Gyr’s global norms. Before his Directorship at Landis, he was involved in setting up two other technology startups in the Middle East over the last 15 years. 

The power of Landis+Gyr:
Teamwork powering the company:

Rajiv Sawhney said: “We formulated the structure of the organization to focus on the right implementation, so we don’t have over enthusiastic sales guys picking up every project and then getting into a mess when it comes to implementation. In addition we have selected the right partners – the best in the region - and inculcated the same ideology by closely networking and supporting them.”

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Having a small team tasked with such a broad remit requires an innovative approach to operations, Sawhney said: “We do not create corridors within our organization and say ‘this is my responsibility and that is not’- there is always interaction between our employees which makes work very exciting.”

He reinforced the notion that his team were more like a family in its holistic dedication to the success of Landis+Gyr and to their wellbeing as a unit. Not only do they share the workload, they enjoy joint remuneration benefits through innovative but challenging KPIs. 

Moving forward on the road to success, the company not only invests in technology and new products but also in people. The company provides appropriate employee training in house, alongside intensive partner training programs; it does however recognize the importance of the latest managerial and productivity insights, providing outsourced training to keep its team up to speed with the conditions of the market as well as changing customer requirements.  

Being part of a company with a global reach has enabled the team in Dubai to dip into a seemingly bottomless talent pool which allows management to cherry pick the right person for the job, giving the company a unique edge over its local competition. Rajiv said, “We get great support – legal, management, project implementation from Landis+Gyr global – from the US, Czech, UK and headquarter resources in Switzerland.”

This strategic approach of selecting the most workable project is part of a broad initiative by the firm focusing on building a strong reputation and partnerships in the Gulf. The small and medium-sized projects that Landis+Gyr has been working on now anticipate strongly growing demand, as the GCC countries increasingly realise the crucial importance of rolling out smart metering solutions across its utilities and distribution networks. Rajiv added, with no small measure of pride: “It’s about being very clear when choosing which projects we want to do and we have been very successful.  Today I would say that we have a very clean slate, perhaps the only metering company in the region that has a major list of successful projects.”   

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