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William Girling|Oct 13, 2020|magazine

18 min read

Virtual power plants: Flexible energy for the digital era

Read NowEnergy Digital investigates the concept of VPPs, and how they are revolutionising energy by providing a wealth of benefits to operators and consumers

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Fujitsu: reimagining energy’s portfolio optimisation

In our previous article, we explored Fujitsu’s recently released whitepaper to ascertain how it’s enabling the energy sector’s digital transformation

William Girling
|Jul 31, 2020|magazine

9 min read

Fujitsu: enabling the energy sector’s digital transformation

With the release of a new whitepaper, leading IT/services company Fujitsu has outlined its vision: a more sustainable future for the energy sector

William Girling
|Jul 10, 2020|magazine

8 min read

Columbia University receives grant to modernise grid systems

In a recent press release, the University of Columbia (UoC) has announced a USD$2.06mn grant from the US Department of Energy (DoE)

William Girling
|Jun 30, 2020|magazine

7 min read

Canopy Power develops renewable microgrids in Asia with EDF

Singapore-based energy company Canopy Power is reportedly partnering with EDF on the development of renewable energy microgrids in Asia

William Girling
|Jun 29, 2020|magazine

6 min read

Ford and Vodafone unlock the potential of 5G EV production

Ford announced that it has received government backing, along with its partners, to introduce 5G networks to its car manufacturing

William Girling
|Jun 26, 2020|magazine

6 min read

Modernising oil & gas: BP Ventures invests in Satelytics

In a recent press release, BP Ventures announced that it would be investing USD$5mn in geospatial analytics software company Satelytics

William Girling
|Jun 25, 2020|magazine

6 min read

Wipro selected to lead E.ON’s digital transformation

India-based IT and consultancy company Wipro has been selected by energy giant E.ON to spearhead the revitalisation of its tech infrastructure

William Girling
|Jun 24, 2020|magazine

7 min read

Profile: Infosys - fostering resilience through digital

Offering a comprehensive suite of digitally-aware services for practically every major industry, Infosys is a partner for navigating digital tech

William Girling
|Jun 23, 2020|magazine

8 min read

X-energy receives $6mn grant from the US Government

Nuclear reactor and fuel engineering company X-energy has announced that it will receive USD$6mn in funding from the US Department of Energy (DoE)

William Girling
|Jun 22, 2020|magazine

5 min read

Why we must act faster on cleaner energy

The pandemic means we’re not dealing with ‘business as usual’, with a lot of Government time dedicated to this unprecedented issue

William Girling
|Jun 20, 2020|magazine

14 min read

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