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The February issue of Energy Digital is live!

Mag live

Hello and welcome to the February edition of Energy Digital magazine.

Our first feature is an exclusive interview with Gazprom Energy CEO Kurt Bligaard Pedersen. A subsidiary of the enormous Russian gas giant Gazprom, Gazprom Energy entered the European retail energy market in 2006 and is now firmly cemented in the sector.

“What I see as vital is keeping a dialogue going with customers and external stakeholders to understand how the market is changing, what competitors are doing and how they fare in the market,” he tells Leila Hawkins. “I want to ensure that our customer-centric view means we stay in the same position long-term.”

Following this is a look at the potential for AI to further impact the energy industry, particularly in the area of smart cities. Another gamechanger to many people’s way of live could be electric vehicles – we assess the state of play in the USA and predict what might lie ahead.

From the US to its absence from the Paris Agreement, our next feature explores the implications of President Trump’s decision to withdraw funding, and what this may mean for businesses across numerous industries.

Finally, our top 10 profiles the most important CEOs currently operating in the energy sector.

Enjoy the issue!

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