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India to construct more LNG terminals in a bid to increase imports

India to develop 11 new LNG terminals in seven year plan

India currently has four liquefied natural gas terminals (LNG). The nation has plans to add an additional 11 terminals over the next seven years.

By 2022, India is aiming to more than double the natural gas share in its energy mix, rising from 6.5% to 15%.

In order to meet its target, the country must increase its imports of LNG, which will be made possible through more terminals.


India currently imports approximately 20mn tonnes of LNG annually, but is aiming to make its capacity hit 70mn tonnes in its seven-year plan.

If the country reaches its target, it will have achieved the fastest gas expansion after China’s 2017 gasification programme.

"India is looking at LNG in a very strategic manner. Once we get into it, we are talking about 15 terminals but it will be many more as the need is going to be there," the Economic Time quoted the Spokesman for the Bharatiya Janata Party, Narendra Taneja, saying.

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