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ABB launches new solar storage solution

ABB launches REACT 2

The Swedish-Swiss technology company, ABB, has launched REACT 2 – its new solar storage solution.

The technology is designed to increase potential for self-sufficient houses by holding a capacity of 12kWh.

The REACT 2 inverter can reduce electricity charges by up to 90%, ABB claims, with its ability to work in households 4kWh and 12kWh capacities.

The modular solution can adapt and expand from 4kWh to 8kWh to 12kWh – adapting to household’s need.

The lithium-ion battery has a high-voltage of 200V can create efficiency of 10% more than standard lower-voltage batteries (48V).

“We know that prosumers want to harness energy and store it until needed,” commented Tarak Mehta, President of Electrification Products at ABB.


“The growth in self-consumption is one of the most exciting trends in renewables, driving greater demand for integrated and efficient battery storage.”

“We have responded to this with our new high-voltage solution, which not only delivers energy savings of up to 90% but will flex and grow as consumer demands change.”

The technology is also easy to install due to its multiple configuration set-ups, and it uses ABB’s Ability cloud-based solution to provide homeowners with control over power usage.

“It’s this future-proof thinking incorporated into the design of REACT 2 that makes it ideal for energy efficient solar power storage.”

“Further, the ability to install REACT 2 on both AC and DC sides, offers the perfect solution for new systems or the retrofitting of existing photovoltaic systems.”


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