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China to build world’s largest floating solar farm on an abandoned coal mine

China to build largest floating solar plant in the world, with a capacity of 150MW

A floating solar farm is to be built on top of an abandoned coal mine in Huainan, China.

The farm is to be the largest of its kind in the world, taking over the power station located in China’s Anhui province, that has a capacity of 40MW.

The new $151mn project is expected to supply 94,000 homes with electricity using its 150MW capacity.


The facility is being built on a lake that appeared over a collapsed coal mine, as construction began in July of last year, and is expected to e complete by May 2018.

“Putting a price on carbon is the right signal to send in this … blue-sky-deprived world,” commented Li Shuo, Senior Global Policy Advisor at Greenpeace East Asia.

“By doing so, Beijing also positions itself ahead of major industrialized countries, many of whom are still seeing climate action as a burden rather than an opportunity.”

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