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Denmark makes world record with 43% of energy supplied by wind

Denmark has announced that 43% of all its electricity was supplied by wind power in 2017.

The country has set a new world record as it aims to cut all fossil fuels.

Out of the previous 10 records relating to power consumption supplied by wind, the nation has set nine.

In 2016, Denmark hit 43.4% of power supplied by wind, beating its previous 2015 record of 42%.


“This will not be the last record we set,” Lars Christian Lilleholt, Denmark’s Energy and Climate Minister informed Reuters.

The country has set the target of converting all of its power sources to renewables, but are yet to set a timeframe – claiming it depends of technological advances.

According to the Minister, there are plans for more offshore wind power to be developed by 2030.

Denmark is home to the largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world, Vestas, as well as the largest offshore farm developer, Orsted.


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