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Germany gives 1GW to 61 onshore wind projects

BNetzA awards over sixty wind projects with 1000.4MW of capacity

The Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA), the German grid regulator, has distributed 1000.4MW of grid capacity to 61 onshore wind projects.

The average support price will be €3.8kWh at the country’s third auction of the year, which is down by 11% from August’s €4.29kWh.

60 out the 61 projects are community wind farms, which is 98% of the total projects and 99.2% of the capacity auctioned.

BNetzA introduced the auction system in order to award licenses, according to Reuters.


This was with the intention of intensifying competition between developers, which would lead to lower costs and renewable energy weaning away from subsidies.

The subsidy cost in August of €4.29kWh was down by a third from the cost in May.

The total of capacity that has now been awarded in 2017 is now at 2.82GW.

The grid regulator reported that 210 bids adding up to 2,591MW were submitted, but BNetzA only accepted 61 of those bids which accounted for 1,000MW.

In 2016, Germany’s power consumption was made up of 32% renewable energy.

Onshore wind was the largest contributor of all the clean energy sources at 11%, according BDEW.

The country has set a target of 40% to 45% of its energy to be generated from renewable sources by the year 2025.


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