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[INFOGRAPHIC] New York City's Colossal Appetite for Energy

New York city skyline on Sept. 11, 2014. (mandritoiu/

When one thinks about the most energy-hungry cities in the world, images of sprawling metropolises with neon lights and people shoulder to shoulder typically come to mind.

With its iconic streets lit up to near daylight levels at all times after dark, Las Vegas could easily be imagined as one of these high demand cities. People in Asia may very well picture Tokyo or Hong Kong. But all must bow in awe to the spectacular appetite that New York City has for electricity.

But how many people walking down the street, sitting on their computers or watching television in the Big Apple have stopped to think about how much it takes to fuel the town? Those of us who look at energy trends tend to look at energy consumption on a state, regional, national or continental basis, so articles on individual cities’ power draw are relatively sparse on the worldwide web.

To put into perspective the massive amount of resources needed to power the King of Cities (that’s probably not a real nickname, but we’re making it one), our friends over at crunched some numbers and released the following slides.

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