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Kellogg’s commits to 100% renewable energy by 2050

Kellogg's joins RE100

The food giant, Kellogg’s, has pledged to source all of its electricity from clean, renewable generators.

The company has signed up to The Climate Group’s global RE100 industry platform in order to create a plan of action.

By 2050, Kellogg’s aims to only use renewable energy, and tohave reduced its direct emissions by 65%.

“Joining RE100 gives Kellogg’s the opportunity to showcase our leadership on climate action,” Chief Sustainability Officer of Kellogg’s, Diane Holdorf, said.


 “We hope to inspire others in our sector to follow our lead and do more to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions,” Holdorf added.

“No one company, sector, or government can undertake the changes needed alone. We believe in the power of partnerships to bring action on these important issues.”

Prior to this move, Kellogg’s had already taken steps towards becoming more environmentally friendly.

In 2016, the brand enforced that its Manchester headquarters locally source 100% renewable energy, as well as this year sites in Europe, Russia, and Egypt increasing their renewable intake between 1% and 70%.

The Climate Group has targeted 500 firms to join the RE100 initiative by 2020, with HSBC participating last week by pledging €100bn in sustainable financing by 2050.


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