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MHI Vestas has introduced the world’s most powerful wind turbine

MHI Vestas has created a 9.5MW wind turbine generator

The joint venture led by Danish wind company, Vestas, and Japanese engineering company, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd has created the most powerful turbine in the world.

MHI Vestas’ new wind turbine generator has a 9.5MW capacity, and is based off of the company’s previous V164 platform.

In order to make the new model, MHI Vestas had to redesign the gear box for extra power capacity, as well as upgrading the cooling system and the generator.

The nacelle supporting the generator is 20m long by 8m, and weighs a total of 390 tonnes.

The blades of the turbine are 80m long, and each individual one weigh 39 tonnes. The hub height of the machine is 105m, with the tip height reaching 187m.


The joint venture claims that the overall cost of generating power will fall down due to the amount of power a single turbine can create, therefor needing fewer and lowering installation and maintenance costs.

“As a leader in the offshore wind industry, we are committed to lowering the cost of energy through innovative turbine technology,” stated CEO of MHI Vestas, Jens Tommerup.

“The launch of our V164-9.5 MW turbine is a testament to that leadership and to the ingenuity of our engineers and technicians. The V164-9.5 MW is built on the industry-leading V164 platform, the most powerful platform in operation. Just one single turbine is now capable of powering more than 8,300 UK homes.”


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