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MidAmerican Energy to build 591MW wind farm in Iowa

Iowa has 8GW of wind capacity, ranking third in the US

The US-based utility, MidAmerican Energy, has announced it will be developing a new 591MW wind farm in Iowa.

With this new project, dubbed Wind XII, MidAmerica will become the first investor-owned utility in the country to offset the power its customers use with renewable energy.

The Iowa-based company is currently developing its Wind XII project to add to its 2GW wind power portfolio. In total, the company’s renewable projects are worth US$3.6bn.

“Wind XII will transform our 100 percent renewable energy vision from a bold dream into a reality,” stated President and CEO of MidAmerican Energy, Adam Wright.

“We are listening and working with our customers to put them first.”


“Wind XII is a clear demonstration of our commitment to and investment in the cleaner, more sustainable energy future our customers want and our environment deserves.”

“We have been able to invest in renewables while at the same time keeping electric rates affordable for the long term, creating a one-of-a-kind win-win solution.”

Iowa is America’s third largest state for wind power, with a total capacity of just under 8GW.

The state follows Oklahoma, which is marginally ahead, and Texas, which has a total capacity of 23GW.


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