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More power provided than wind and solar than nuclear for the first time in the UK

Renewable energy is on the rise in the UK

Solar and wind power were responsible for generating more energy than nuclear power in the UK in the fourth quarter of last year.

Wind and solar combined created 18.33TWh of power, whilst nuclear only produced 16.69TWh.

It is anticipated this is due to high speed winds, new installations of renewable projects, and a drop in nuclear output.

However, gas produced 36.12TWh of power, and remains the highest source of electricity in the UK.

Throughout the year, the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions fell by 3%, with the energy sector having the highest reduction than any other sector at 8%.


Low-carbon power generators, such as wind, solar, biomass, and nuclear, created the majority of the UK’s electricity in 2017, at 50.4% - a rise from 45.7% in 2016.

Many energy industry chiefs are trying to encourage the removal of the ban on onshore wind subsidies, to cut down on futher environmental impact.

“We need to keep up the pace ... by ensuring that the lowest cost renewables are no longer excluded from the market,” stated Lawrence Slade, CEO of Energy UK.

Greenpeace has suggested more money is dedicated to renewable energy projects, as the UK’s government should “stop wasting time and money propping up nuclear power”.


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