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Number of cities being powered by renewable energy has doubled since 2015

The number of cities that are receiving at least 70% of their energy from renewable sources has more than doubled since 2015.

According to CDP, the non-profit environmental impact firm, there are 101 cities across the globe that receive this much renewable energy.

The firm, which records data from over 570 cities, noted that the number in 2015 was only 42.

Larger cities include Nairobi (Kenya), Oslo (Norway), Seattle (US), Auckland (New Zealand), and Vancouver (Canada).

Reykjavik (Iceland), Basel (Switzerland), and Burlington (US) are all cities that run 100% of renewable energy.


“Cities are responsible for 70 per cent of energy-related CO2 emissions and there is immense potential for them to lead on building a sustainable economy,” stated Kyra Appleby, CDP’s Director of Cities.

“Reassuringly, our data shows much commitment and ambition. Cities not only want to shift to renewable energy but, most importantly - they can.”

“We urge all cities to disclose to us, work together to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and prioritise the development of ambitious renewable energy procurement strategies. The time to act is now."

In the UK, 80 towns and cities have committed to source 100% clean energy by 2050, through UK100.

Click here for the full list of cities.

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