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Top 10 states in the US to invest in solar

Top 10 states in the US to invest in solar

Are you considering an investment in solar? Two major factors to consider are the cost of electricity where you live, and the available financial incentives. Thanks to SUNMetrix, the following interactive grid parity map takes into consideration the level of solar radiation, the cost of electricity and the federal investment tax credit of 30 percent for the United States.

To determine your return on investment, the online calculator allows users to gage how much solar energy they can produce, how much they can save based on their electricity rate, figure out the best way to finance a solar system, including quotes from highly-rated installers in local areas. 

1. Hawaii – 20 cents/kWh

2. California – 5 cents/kWh

3. Connecticut – 5 cents/kWh

4. Massachusetts – 5 cents/kWh


5. Rhode Island – 4 cents/kWh

6. New York – 3 cents/kWh

7. New Hampshire – 3 cents/kWh

8. New Mexico – 2 cents/kWh

9. Arizona – 1 cents/kWh

10. Nevada – 1 cents/kWh

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