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Which Country Leads the Way in Installed Biomass Capacity?

Okay, so it's not football, but biomass is cool, right?

While everyone is buzzing about the unbelievable Seahawks comeback yesterday, I'm just sitting here looking at international figures for Biomass.

To promote the launch of its now freely accessible platform RESource, the International Renewable Energy Agency dropped some knowledge in infographic format about which country is leading the way in biomass generation. 

"REsource, the online knowledge platform launched this week by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), enables users to easily find country-specific data, create customized charts and graphs, and compare countries on metrics like renewable energy use and deployment," the group wrote in a press release. "It also provides information on renewable energy market statistics, potentials, policies, finance, costs, benefits, innovations, education and other topics."

So, check out this infographic on biomass and applaud Brazil in being a world leader. Rad!

You can get weird on a bevvy of renewable energy information at RESource here

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