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World’s largest lithium battery tipped to transform renewable energy industry

The world’s largest lithium battery is to be installed in South Australia by the end of the year, and has been tipped to “transform and fast track reliable renewable energy”.

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s Tesla, and the French renewable energy group Neoen have agreed the deal that will deliver a battery, which is said to be three times more powerful than any other system in the world.

It has been designed to provide power to the grid at times of generation shortfall, as well as providing stability to the network, day and night.

“The coupling of renewable energy with large scale battery storage is a fundamental requirement for an affordable, reliable and sustainable energy future for Australia,” said Dr Wonhas, who was previously Executive Director for CSIRO’s environment, energy and resources sector.


“South Australia is now set to lead the charge in battery storage that will, in turn, revolutionize the way in which renewable energy is integrated into electricity networks.” 

The July 7 announcement of the world’s largest lithium ion grid connected battery system at 100 MW/129 MWh is the culmination of three months of intensive work by Aurecon.

This included evaluation and shortlisting of expression of interest submissions, development of the technical and functional requirements of the system and invitation to supply documents, evaluation of respondent proposals and negotiations to enable the final contract to be signed. 

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