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6 smartphone apps to maximize energy efficiency

6 smartphone apps to maximize energy efficiency

In today’s age of smartphones and tablets, monitoring your energy usage and carbon footprint is easier than ever. From tracking energy consumption and efficiency to discovering new ways of saving on your electricity bill, new apps aimed at energy efficiency continue to make living a greener lifestyle easier.

We examine six innovative apps that have the power to help you stop wasting energy and start tracking your personal impact on the environment, including possibly making some money in the process.

Wiser Home

Available for iOS, Android

The Wiser™ Energy Management System (EMS) is a comprehensive demand management solution for utilities and consumers, which allows homeowners the ability to reduce or shift energy use during peak times. The app allows users to keep track of factors such as solar power, termostats and overall energy usage while also monitoring your budget.

Green Outlet

Available for iOS

Thanks to the Green Outlet app, you can find out how much you’re paying for kilowatt/hour of electricity. The app can also help you predict your electric bill each month as it identifies what each of your household appliances cost you.


Available for Androil, Blackberry

Looking to track and cut down on your own personal carbon footprint? CarbonDiem can help. This innovative apps allows users to quantify the impact of their travel choices. It has the ability to automatically detect means of transportation, whether by car, train, air or by foot, and calculate emissions of the vehicle you’re traveling in.

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The only drawback, however, is the app is currently only available in Europe.

Energy Tracker (iOS)

Available for iOS

Energy Tracker for iOS is a simple yet powerful app that allows users to view their energy consumption habits based on gas, water and electricity. The app takes measurements on a daily basis to allow users to see trends and statistics about their consumption, providing crucial insight into future costs.'

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With a price tag of $0.99, Energy Tracker is an affordable investment every consumer should buy.    

CodeGreen Energy

Available for iOS, Android

Unlike the other apps, CodeGreen Energy is designed to enable real estate professionals, building owners, tenants and brokers to view and analyze Energy Star® scores of thousands of buildings right from your phone. In addition, the app also provides ways you can improve your score as well as ensuring your building is in compliance with local and national standards for energy laws.


Available for iOS, Android

Looking to make your everyday habits at home, work and play more sustainable? JouleBug is your answer. The app turns sustainability into a game by organizing sustainability tips into Pins, which can be earned by doing simple actions in real-life, allowing you and friends to compete against each other to see who’s the greenest of them all. 

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