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Apple, Unilever, and Microsoft have the greenest supply chains

Apple, Unilever, Microsoft, Sky, Nestlé has reduced emissions and environmental risk

According to a recent report, Apple, Microsoft, Nestlé, Sky, and Unilever are all considered to have the greenest supply chains.

The report, released by CDP and McKinsey, notes the companies’ reduced emissions and environmental risks in their supply chains.

There has been rise in the number of firms that have announced their ambitions to approach emissions, with 2017 seeing a double in numbers.

Last year saw the equivalent of 551mn metric tonnes of CO2 being reportedly reduced from global companies – more than the emissions produced from Brazil that year.


The efforts made to reduce carbon footprints saved more than US$14bn.

On average, the greenhouse gases produced during supply chains in four times as much as produced through direct operations.

“Big businesses have for some time understood the importance of managing their Scope 1 and 2 emissions, but Scope 3 emissions, hidden in the value chain – and far greater in volume – are just as vital,” Dexter Galvin, Global Director of Corporates and Supply Chains at CDP.

“While it’s encouraging that awareness of climate-related risk is filtering down the supply chain, it’s crucial that engagement and action follows.”

“As our findings show, this not only makes sound business sense, but can result in considerable cost savings for both purchasing organizations and their suppliers.”


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