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Cenex team up with Leeds City Council to test zero emission smart technology in vehicles

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Vehicle emission research company Cenex have teamed up with Leeds City Council for the testing of smart technology in vehicles to reduce emissions in heavily polluted areas.

The technology that will be constructed using real time air quality data will trigger hybrid engines to automatically switch to electric power when in areas of high pollution.

The collaboration on the project that Leeds City Council and Cenex have created will include Transport Systems Catapult, Earthsense, Dynniq and Tevva Motors Ltd.

“Local air quality is a persistent and growing problem in urban centres across the UK and globally,” said Steve Carroll, head of transport at Cenex.

“Using real-time air quality data to automatically instruct vehicles driving into high pollution areas to switch to zero-emissions driving, has the potential to transform urban transportation regulation and save thousands of lives.”

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Leeds City Council board member Lucinda Yeadon also praised the project, expressing that the move was as vital step forward for the City’s environment programme.

"It is great to be supporting this innovative new technology, and looking at how we can best implement it in the city to help reduce air pollution," she said.

"Improving air quality in Leeds is a huge priority for the council, and we are looking at a number of different initiatives to address the issue."

The announcement comes in the wake of green campaigners calling for Leeds City Council to take action by ensuring its proposed air quality zones are implemented.

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