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Governor of California urges 300 firms, states, and cities to make emission reports

Jerry Brown urges Amazon and Facebook to be accountable for their climate impact

Jerry Brown, the Governor of California, has asked for 300 businesses, states, and cities to release transparent carbon emission reports.

Among the businesses, Brown has urged Amazon, Facebook, and California to be accountable for their environmental impact.

“Tracking and reporting carbon pollution keeps governments and businesses accountable,” stated the Governor.

“Governments and businesses must turn their climate goals into bold climate action by honestly and fully reporting their emissions.”


The Governor made the announcement with co-chairs, including Patricia Espinosa, the Executive Secretary of the UN Climate Change.

“If we are to keep the target of limiting global temperature rises to 1.5C within our grasp, we need more governments and corporations than ever before to report on exactly how they are stepping up to address climate change,” remarked Espinosa.

CDP, the environmental impact organisation, already helps over 6,300 firms, 570 cities, and 100 states to track and disclose their climate impact.

The state of California annually reports 440,4mn metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.

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