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The Home Depot reaches sustainability targets three years in advance

The Home Depot has installed energy projects in 216 stores

The Home Depot, the US-based home and construction supplies retail giant, has confirmed it has reached it’s 2020 sustainability target three years ahead of schedule.

The retailer had set the target to cut its energy consumption by 20% by 2020, against a 2010 baseline.

In its recent 2018 Responsibility Report titled A Year in Progress, the company confirmed it had cut its energy by 23.5% by the end of 2017.

The firm linked its consumption reduction to having installed low-carbon energy generation in 216 of its stores and fuel cells in 178 of its stores.


“As part of our values, we encourage our associates to be entrepreneurial, innovative and creative, and the successes you'll see in this report are a testament to their talent and dedication,” stated the Chairman, CEO, and President of the Home Depot, Craig Menear.

“We're proud of their work, even as we look ahead with the understanding that there's much more to do,” Manear added.

Along with its initial aim to reduce its energy use, the firm had also targeting using 135MW of renewable or alternative energy by 2020.


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