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Honeywell partners with UN Environment to provide more access to clean energy

Honeywell and UN Environment signed MoU to target Sustainability Development Goals 7 and 13

The US conglomerate, Honeywell, has announced its partnership with the United Nations Environment to encourage sustainable economic development.

The firm and the organisation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 13 March in order to raise awareness of energy efficiency in Dubai.

The Executive Director of UN Environment, Erik Solheim, and Honeywell’s High Growth Regions President, Norm Gilsdor, signed the MoU at the company’s regional headquarters in Dubai.

The MoU commits the groups to follow the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals 7 and 13.

Goal 7 targets affordable and clean energy access, whilst goal 13 aims to tackle the impacts of climate change.


Honeywell and the UN Environment also signed to share experiences and build programs for environmental capacity.

“UN Environment is the world’s leading environmental authority, tasked with promoting sustainable development through partnerships that protect our planet and inspire positive change,” commented Erik Solheim.

“By working with Honeywell and others in the private sector, together we can take urgent action to combat climate change while delivering affordable and clean energy for all.”

“At Honeywell, we’re blending physical products with software solutions to connect people and businesses to the information they need to be more efficient and more productive every day,” noted Norm Gilsdor.

“With nearly half of our annual revenue linked to energy efficiency technologies and solutions, we are helping the world face its energy challenges, and we are proud to work closely with UN Environment to raise awareness around climate change and energy clean energy.”

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