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[INFOGRAPHIC] Explaining the Industrial Internet

[INFOGRAPHIC] Explaining the Industrial Internet

Planes, trains and automobiles—the Industrial Internet is expected to greatly enhance them all.

The Internet of Things makes sense of large amounts of data captured from machines -- armed with Internet-connected sensors and data-crunching software -- to provide valuable insight into equipment and operations--therefore enabling companies to monitor, visualize, analyze, and diagnose the health of equipment and processes in real-time, track operation patterns and predict values.

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“The combination of software and machines, from airplane engines to power plants to wind turbines, has laid the foundation for a new wave of innovation – and the economic and environmental impact of industry and software cannot be understated,” wrote Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric, to Business Insider.

Thanks to Visual Capitalist, the following infographic explains everything you need to know about the Industrial Internet. 

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