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[INFOGRAPHIC] The Internet of Things and What It Means for Energy

This infographic by Goldman Sachs outlines the many benefits of an Internet of Things.

Every day a new product is introduced to the market with the intention to massively enhance energy efficiency, but what if there was a way to make constant adjustments to existing technology without constantly needing to phase everything out?

The concept of the “Internet of Things” is an old one. Present in nearly every semi-utopian (or at least non-apocalyptic) sci-fi film for decades, the idea of smart homes have enthralled generations of moviegoers. Imagine waking up to a home that was brewing your coffee and making your breakfast before you even got out of bed. That could be possible through the use of a network that links together things you interact with every day and collects data to make them better; more efficient.

The following infographic released by Goldman Sachs tries to outline the many benefits and implications of such a network, which as it turns out may not be so far off in the “distant future.”


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