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The launch issue of CSO is out!

The launch issue of CSO is live!

Welcome to the launch issue of CSO Magazine!

The world is undergoing dramatic change and sustainability is at the forefront of this global shift as it influences and defines business operations across virtually every industrial sector. As a result, the role of the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) is taking on an even greater prominence, as companies strive to find greener energy solutions, more ethical business practices and increased engagement with local communities.

Packed with exclusive insights from those at the centre of this dramatically changing landscape, CSO Magazine is an innovative digital platform that keeps industry leaders and key decision makers right up-to-date with all the cutting-edge insight and trends affecting sustainability in all its forms.

Take a look!

This month we talk to Shannon T. Carroll Director of Global Environmental Sustainability at telco giant and multi-conglomerate AT&T regarding its wide-ranging environmental initiatives played across its enormous global operations. We also talk to representatives from Pod Point and FreeWire regarding the growth of EV infrastructure.

Elsewhere, we have exclusive insights from Aligned Energy, Nordex and Level Crossings Authority, Plus, we list the world’s top ten largest solar parks and detail the biggest events and conferences from across the globe.

We are always excited to hear from our readers and companies who would like to discuss any core events or projects with us. If you want to become part of the story, get in touch with me Editor-in-Chief Andrew Woods at


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