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The March issue of Energy Digital is live!

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Hello and welcome to the March edition of Energy Digital magazine.

The Guyana-Suriname Basin is home to a wealth of untapped oil. Numerous surveys have identified it as one of the largest unexplored basins in the world, and Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V looks to set to unlock this potential. Our cover story this month features an interview with the company’s Managing Director and CEO Rudolf Elias, who discusses how this could be the answer to Suriname’s long-term energy needs.

Elsewhere, we look at the race to develop the first commercial electric aircraft. How close are manufacturers to making this happen, and what technical challenges still need to be overcome? Dan Brightmore asks numerous executives these key questions.

Carbon capture and battery storage are two other themes explored in our respective smart cities and sustainability features, while March’s top 10 looks at the most sustainable cities around the world.

We round off with an exclusive interview with T5 Data Centers Facilities Management. Mike Casey, the firm’s President, details how it provides 100% uptime to businesses in an array of sectors, including energy clients.

Enjoy the issue!

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