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New York confirms plans for “Energy Storage Roadmap”

New York state aims to have 1.5GW of energy storage by 2025

The Governor of New York, Andrew M. Cuomo has revealed plans for the state’s “Energy Storage Roadmap” in a bid to meet the target of developing 1.5GW of energy storage by 2025.

The goal figure would account for one fifth of the state’s electricity demand used in homes.

It is anticipated that achieving 1.5GW of energy storage could generate US$2bn in energy and greenhouse gas savings.

Cuomo has also argued that investing in energy storage could prevent electricity outages caused by weather.


Greater energy storage will also enhance the benefits of the state’s renewable energy projects, such as solar and wind farms – using the power during peak demand.

“Clean energy is the future of our planet and New York will continue to lead the nation in this technology to fight climate change and conserve resources for generations to come,” stated Andrew M. Cuomo.

“This roadmap is the next step to not only grow our clean energy economy and create jobs but to improve the resiliency of the grid to keep our power running in the face of extreme weather and other emergency situations.”

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