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Skeleton Technologies and Sumitomo Corporation Europe sign energy storage agreement

Sumitomo Corporation Europe and Skeleton Technologies sign ultracapacitor agreement

One of Europe’s leading ultracapacitor manufacturers, Skelton Technologies, has assigned a distribution agreement with Sumitomo Corporation Europe.

The agreement aims to provide energy storage solutions to the hybrid electric and electric vehicle industry.

An ultracapacitor is a high-power energy storage device that has a recharge time of 2-3 seconds and over one million life cycles.

The two companies believe that ultracapacitors will bridge a gap in hybridisation and electrification efforts within the automotive sector.


They have the ability to reduce CO2 emissions as well as increase performance and be cost-effective for manufacturers.

“We are excited to announce the agreement with Sumitomo Corporation Europe, it was a natural fit from the start,” commented Taavi Madiberk, CEO of Skeleton Technologies.

“Sumitomo´s world-class distribution network and technical expertise in electrification enable us to expand our footprint in the automotive sector and tap into the company’s relationships with key players in the transportation industry.”

“Ultracapacitors play an important role for high power applications in the transportation sector. Skeleton’s revolutionary technology has the potential to drive this industry forward and ensure that both manufacturers and customers alike, can reap the benefits of a hybrid approach to battery technology,” reported Hidenori Eto, General Manager of Sumitomo Corporation Europe’s Warsaw office.

“We are looking forward to working with Skeleton Technologies and supporting them in growing the business.”


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