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Tesla cuts price of home solar power products to encourage uptake

Tesla aims to boost sales of its domestic solar panel products as well as increase uptake of clean energy by cutting prices

Electric vehicle producer and sustainable energy advocate Tesla has announced a price cut of up to 25% for its home solar power products in a push to encourage uptake through affordability, Reuters said

Tesla said that customers could expect quotes to drop by $3,000 to $5,000 as an average, with savings potentially exceeding this range dependent on the size of the order and the installation location.

The firm has also launched a new sales process for its energy products, offering them in their popular vehicle storefronts to make its product range more visible.

According to CleanTechnica, a Tesla spokesperson said:

“As a result of the vertical integration of our solar products into Tesla’s retail stores and the increased efficiencies we’ve realized over the past year by closing more expensive sales channels like door-to-door sales, we are now able to reduce prices for our solar power systems.”

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“This change, along with our push to continue shortening the time between sale to installation, will accelerate the adoption of solar and the world’s transition to sustainable energy,” they added.

Sanjay Shah, Senior Vice President of Tesla’s energy operations, told Reuters in an interview that the new pricing structure makes Tesla “highly competitive” in the market, adding that this competitivity will be a strong lure for customers seeking to go green in the most cost-efficient way.

“Every customer wants a greater value in terms of price,” Shah told Reuters. 

“When you do that the customer comes to you rather than you going to the customer.”


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