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UPS consortium introduces new EV charging technology for its fleet in London

UPS to raise it's EV fleet from 65 to 170

UPS are leading a consortium that aims to deploy a new electric vehicle (EV) charging system in the UK’s capital city for its delivery fleet.

The system uses a smart-grid powered by a central server connected to EV charging posts, the power grid supply, and on-site energy storage.

The vehicles are charged overnight, allowing the building to use the energy during the day for logistics, and ensuring the EVs are fully charged for the morning when they will be needed, all the while the maximum power from the grid is not exceeded.

The Smart Electric Urban Logistics project will enable UPS to more than double the number of vehicles it currently deploys in London, from 65 to 170 – aiding to firm’s transition from combustion engine vehicles.


“UPS thinks this a world first, right in the heart of a mega-city,” stated Peter Harris, Director of Sustainability at UPS Europe.

“We are using new technology to work around some big obstacles to electric vehicle deployment, heralding a new generation of sustainable urban delivery services both here in London and in other major cities around the world.”

“Electric vehicles are an integral component within UPS’s alternative fuel and advanced technology fleet.”

“Our collaboration with UK Power Networks and Cross River Partnerships marks a major turning point in the cost effective deployment of electric vehicles which in turn will play a key role in ensuring the global trend towards urbanization is sustainable.”

“We are applying new technology to make the charging process smarter and our delivery service cleaner.”


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