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[WATCH]: The Awesome Potential of the Solar Tree

The eTree's design is innovative, as it combines a number of different urban services in a convenient, central location.

Integrating renewables into urban landscapes can be hard, especially when it comes to finding space for them. One Israeli startup may have an innovative answer: The eTree. According to

The eTree is an ecological sculpture of sorts that resembles a real tree and whose "canopy" is made up of solar panels that produce energy from the sun. The eTree offers a shaded recreation area and a cold-water drinking fountain, but also free WiFi, a docking station to charge smartphones and tablets, outlets for electrical appliances, a computer monitor that allows one to chat with friends who are at other eTrees, and decorative night lighting.

The structure is made up of seven panels, each with a capacity of 1,400 watts per hour. Each day, the eTree can produce an average of 7 kWh of power. The tree is set to be revealed Thursday at the HaNadiv Gardens near Zichron Ya'akov. 

Watch the solar tree's potential in the above video. 

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