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10 Companies Producing CleanTech Products

These 10 companies are leading us to a cleaner, greener future.

This article originally appeared in the newly released March 2015 issue of Energy Digital.

Never before has clean energy technology been in such high demand. In fact, the development and movement toward clean energy technology has become a global phenomenon, proving to be a major force of economic growth.

Here are the top 10 CleanTech companies producing game-changing products:

10. Sonitec
The Vortisand, created by the Sonitec company, has already installed over 2,500 systems worldwide. According to its website, Vortisand "combines a cross-flow condition and sand filtration in the same vessel. The technology was designed for various applications such as HVAC side-stream filtration, process water, rain-harvesting water and more."

What does this mean? Less energy, less water and fewer chemicals.

9. Velobility AG

Because the bicycle is a great means of transportation with a relatively low impact on the environment and a high impact on health and wellness, Velobility AG has a goal of developing and establishing next-generation Bike Sharing Solutions worldwide. To this end, Velobility AG has made major investments into developing new technology for bike sharing systems. 

In their own words, "By providing a strong public cycling infrastructure, forward-thinking cities and sustainably-acting enterprises can play an active role in facing today's environmental challenges. Let's recapture the road and make people shine on a bike instead of hiding in a car." Keeping pollutant-expelling vehicles off the road as often as possible is always a step in the right direction, and any company that can make this happen is one to watch.

8. Terramera PlantScience

Using the power of natural plant defenses and a unique innovative chemistry, Terramera PlantScience develops biopesticides for agriculture, bee health and public health usage. These biopesticides are safer and more effective than conventional chemical pesticides, which is better for the pest control industry and the environment as a whole. Terramera PlantScience's product is especially beneficial because it can be used by large, leading agricultural corporations and individual consumers alike.

7. RayGen Resources

RayGen's Concentrated Solar Photovoltaics (CSPV) solar generation system uses mirrors to concentrate natural light onto ultra-efficient photovoltaic cells. RayGen technology is 1,500 times more powerful than standard technology. The system uses clean energy with two times the efficiency of standard photovoltaics and, perhaps most impressive, does all of this at decreased cost.

6. MetGen

MetGen is all about reducing energy consumption. Specifically, MetGen improves the pulp, paper, and biofuel industry by removing toxins from waste, reducing the impact of bleaching agents, and raising the efficiency in mills. This treatment saves money from unnecessary energy costs, reduces pollutants from unnecessary chemicals, and increases efficiency from expensive, redundant processes.

5. Measurabl

Measurabl has redefined and simplified sustainability reporting. According to its website, "Measurabl is software built to help you collect, report, and improve upon non-financial data so you can focus on what you do best."

In short, Measurabl connects directly to corporate utilities and collects data on energy and water usage. Companies can then import this information right into their Energy Star account and eliminate manual entry errors.

4. FenestraPro

According to its website, FenestraPro is a technology company based in Dublin, Ireland. It provides a cloud-based software tool for architects to design non-domestic buildings in the early stages, focusing on functionality and usability. The goal is to improve green design, check compliance in real time, and obtain technical guidance. Soon enough, this technology will be standard in architect firms around the world.

3. EpiGaN

EpiGaN created a device called the High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT). It boasts high electron mobility and a wide band gap energy, making it ideal for fast switching and high voltage operation under high temperature conditions. 

According to its website, "The growing demand for high-speed, high-temperature and high power-handling capabilities has made the semiconductor industry rethink the choice of materials used as semiconductors. For instance, as various faster and smaller computing devices arise, the use of silicon is making it difficult to sustain Moore's Law. But also in power electronics, the properties of silicon are no longer sufficient to allow further improvements in conversion efficiency."

2. DA.AI

DA.AI is proud to be Taiwan's first non-profit company dedicated to producing eco-friendly products. It is also one of the world's first non-profit companies to donate the entirety of its net proceeds to charity. This alone makes DA.AI something special. The company strives to use recycled PET bottles as raw material to manufacture a vast array of eco-friendly products.

DA.AI has used its materials to create recycled fabrics used in clothing, bedding, and any number of everyday household items. It's a win-win for the company—activating a new life cycle for the used PET bottles and creating eco-friendly products that are useful to consumers.

1. Advanced Battery Concepts

Advanced Battery Concepts develops innovative GreenSeal battery technology that drastically improves the performance and functionality of current large-format, rechargeable batteries. And since batteries are necessary for almost everything, Advanced Battery Concepts is on to something with its clean technology creation. 

According to its website, "GreenSeal technology produces lead avid batteries with greater than twice the life whilst using only half the lead. Customers will have lighter batteries that run longer. The environment benefits from less waste, less greenhouse gas emissions and an overall much lower environmental impact."

Never before has cleaner energy technology been in such high demand by companies and consumers alike. This global phenomenon has become a major force of economic growth, prompting companies large and small to examine their own workflow and production to determine what they can do to be an active participant in the growth of cleaner technology.

These 10 companies—and scores of others like them—may seem unique now, but soon enough, they will be the rule and not the exception to green living.

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