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Powerdiverter was established in 2011 by Daniel Lawes (Managing Director) and is headquartered in Adelaide. The company specialises in energy storage and energy management technology for residential and commercial solar customers.  Employees that work for Powerdiverter are a mixture of experienced solar PV experts and electronics engineers that specialise in diversion and power control. 

The Powerdiverter was launched in 2014. Each time one of them sold, a percentage of the proceeds are reinvested into new projects to help people around the world make better use of their renewable energy.

The newest Powerdiverter has been specifically created and tested for the Australian market and is the only diverter available to be able to handle existing heating elements up to 4.8kW. Powerdiverter is a very straight forward device and is now the easiest to install and operate in Australia.

“Our technology has already been granted a patent in the United Kingdom and has global protection and is currently patent pending in Australia.”


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