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SolaX Power

SolaX Power

SolaX Power has 16 international offices with online service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its products are exported to 47 countries via 200 distribution channels.

Creator of the Solax Box (a solar storage system) which houses the X-Hybrid inverter and lithium batteries in one storage unit. Its market-leading inverters are amongst the most efficient on the market and they incorporate features such as Wi-Fi monitoring and load remote control. Customers can monitor their solar system from anywhere in the world via the web portal or the SolaX app.

“As a brand committed to the responsibility of “planting a greener future” for you and your family, we have built a world class production facility with a leading professional research and development team. Our commitment is to supply to our customers a more advanced, reliable, safer and cost-effective range of PV products and energy system solutions, that are engineered to meet the world’s growing energy demands.”

SolaX Power is affiliated with the Zhejiang University, currently ranked third amongst the best universities in China.


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