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Top 10 Things to Know about Michael Liebreich, Potential Candidate for Mayor of London

London's City Hall.

Entrepreneur and green energy advocate Michael Liebreich has expressed his strong interest in running for mayor of London. Here are the top-ten things to know about Liebreich and his involvement with renewable energy.

10. He believes in less regulation for clean energy, not more. “Over-regulation and complex planning requirements add costs, slow down projects, reduce transparency and increase risk,” Liebreich writes in the Conservative Environment Network’s “Responsibility and Resilience” report.

9. He founded New Energy Finance in 2004. The company provides information and analysis to investors and companies in the green energy market. The company was eventually purchased by Bloomberg and is still operating today, though Liebreich now sits on the advisory board.

8. He’s more of a businessman than an environmentalist. In 2011 FT Magazine feature, Liebreich notes that he isn’t a “deep environmentalist,” but understands a market gap when he sees one. He wanted to get ahead of the curve in the green energy industry and was one of its earliest advocates.

7. He strongly believes in green energy as the future. Green energy is Leibreich’s business, and he sees no other option than for green energy to become the norm in the future. He believes it’ll be a gradual shift, but an inevitable one.

6. He’s a visiting professor at London’s Imperial College Energy Futures Lab. The lab takes a famously multi-disciplinary approach to solving the world’s energy crisis and focuses on five main themes: sustainable power, clean fossil fuels, low carbon transport, energy infrastructure, and policy and innovation.

5. He’s a smart guy. Now a Harvard Business school graduate, Liebreich did his undergraduate studies at Cambridge and graduated with a degree in nuclear engineering, fluid dynamics, mechanics and thermodynamics.

4. He’s a three-time finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The awards are given based on a broad spectrum of criteria, including those who have “demonstrated excellence and extraordinary success in such areas as innovation, financial performance, risk and personal commitment to their businesses and communities.”

3. He’s an active Twitter user. Liebreich frequently uses the platform to discuss ideologies and tweet about clean energy. It was on Twitter that the rumor started that he would run for mayor.

2. He’s a member of several key groups. Liebreich is a member of the UN Secretary General’s High Level Advisory Group on Sustainable Energy for All and the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the New Energy Architecture. He also sat on board for the Clinton Global Initiative’s Energy and Climate Change working group.

1. He’s not a green energy zealot. Liebreich was very quick to point out his commitment to conservative politics on Twitter, pointing to his call for less regulation of green energy as evidence. A staunch Tory, he is currently doing a Twitter series he’s calling “Tory Summer Reading List,” which consists of pieces he’s written on his positions. 

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