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The Top Ten Largest Wind Farms in the World

Tracking down the top ten largest wind farms bringing clean renewable energy to the world


10. Thanet Offshore Wind Project

Thanet, UK – 300 MW Capacity

Though there are still other onshore wind farms that are larger than Thanet, it is the largest offshore wind farm, plus we wanted to give an offshore wind farm a nod.  Thanet features 100 Vestas turbines and is located 12 kilometers offshore in waters with an average depth of 20 meters.  Swedish company, Vattenfall, owns and operates Thanet, which supplies enough power for 240,000 average homes.


9. Panther Creek Wind Farm


Texas, USA – 457.5 MW Capacity

Panther Creek Wind Farm features 305 GE turbines.  Built in three phases, the farm became operational in 2009, and provides enough electricity to power 135,000 average homes.  The farm is owned and operated by E.ON Climate and Renewables.



8. Dabancheng Wind Farm

Xinjiang Uygur, China – 500 MW Capacity

Dabancheng Wind Farm has been 20+ years in the making, and the more than 300 turbines featured there range from older 20 kW models to new 3 MW models.  The Debancheng Wind Farm was the brainchild of Wang Wenqui, former head of the Xinjiang Wind Energy Institute, who spent the later part of his life and career pioneering wind energy in China.  The farm is currently operated by Xinjiang Tianfeng Wind Power Co. Ltd.



7. Buffalo Gap Wind Farm

Texas, USA – 523.3 MW Capacity

Buffalo Gap Wind Farm was built in three phases called Buffalo Gap 1, 2 and 3, and consists of GE, Siemens and Vestas turbines.  Phase one was developed by SeaWest WindPower, but is owned now by AES Wind Generation, who saw the completion of phases two and three.  


6. Sweetwater Wind Farm


Texas, USA – 585.3 MW Capacity

Built in five phases, the Sweetwater Wind Farm features approximately 350 turbines provided by GE, Mitsubishi and Siemens. 




5. Fowler Ridge Wind Farm

Indiana, USA – 599.8 MW Capacity

Built in two phases and on track for a possible third, Fowler Ridge Wind Farm consists of 355 turbines provided by GE, Vestas, and Clipper.  Built on 50,000 acres, the farm can power 200,000 average homes and is owned and operated by BP Alternative Energy North America Inc.



4. Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm

Texas, USA – 662.5 MW Capacity

With 407 turbines—also provided by GE and Siemens—the Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm can generate electricity for roughly 220,000 homes and is owned and operated by a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources.



3. Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center

Texas, USA - 735.5 MW Capacity

Horse Hollow consists of 421 turbines provided by GE and Siemens.  It covers 47,000 acres of land and was one of the first wind farm’s in the U.S. to have a lawsuit brought against it for noise and appearance complaints by neighbors, but Texas courts dismissed the case.  Horse Hollow powers about 180,000 average homes in Texas and is owned and operated by NextEra Energy Resources.


2. Roscoe Wind Farm

Texas, USA - 781.5 MW Capacity

Roscoe Wind Farm is the largest completed wind farm in the world.  The farm’s 627 wind turbines—supplied by GE, Siemens AG and Mitsubishi—cover 100,000 acres of land.  The complex is capable of powering 260,000 homes.  The $1 billion investment came primarily from GE Financial Services and a subsidiary of Wachovia Corporation, as well as E.ON Climate and Renewables, who currently owns and operates the farm.



1. Alta Wind Energy Center

California, USA – 1,550 MW Capacity

The Alta Wind Energy Center rises from the shadows of the antiquated Tehachapi Pass Wind Farm, one of the oldest and largest wind projects in the United States.  Newer, larger and more efficient turbines are replacing the aging ones that fill the pass—remnants of California’s wind energy push over thirty years ago.  The Alta-Oak Creek Mojave Project is currently under construction and will consist of 320 large high-capacity wind turbines generating 800 MW.

The project is headed by Terra-Gen Power, a renewable energy company with wind, solar, and geothermal projects throughout the United States.  Terra-Gen owns and operates seven wind projects in the Tehachapi-Mojavi wind resource area with a total of 617 turbines.  They broke ground on the new Alta-Oak Creek Wind Farm in mid-2010.  Once complete, the combined farms will together comprise the largest wind farm in the world, providing power to more than 275,000 California residences, and offsetting 5.8 billion pounds of carbon dioxide, 28 million pounds of sulfur dioxide, and 13.2 million pounds of nitrogen oxide emissions annually.   


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