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BearingPoint Digital Leaders Study 2019: EON triumphs but energy sector must catch up

EON, EDF, First Utility, Npower and Octopus are the most digitally enabled companies in the sector according to BearingPoint.

A new study published by management and technology consultancy BearingPoint has analysed 593 companies across eight countries, spanning various industry sectors, to reveal digital maturity of leading companies.

EON, EDF, First Utility, Npower and Octopus Energy were ranked as the most digitally enabled companies in the energy sector. However, no energy companies were listed among the top 10 digitally enabled companies in the UK, which mainly consisted of retailers such as Amazon, ASOS and Tesco.


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BearingPoint noted that the energy sector scored low in digital marketing, and that more customers would be obtained and retained if businesses engaged through digital channels.

Overall in the report, Energy was the seventh most digitally enabled sector, following telecom, retail, banking, automotive, insurance and logistics.

Nichol Weatherston, Director, BearingPoint said: “While traditional custom in the energy industry is maintained through physical channels such as postal or telephone engagements, there is a rapidly growing aspect of this sector that encourages online interaction.”

He added: “With an increased digital focus, energy companies could offer customers enhanced incentives not to switch.”



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