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[INFOGRAPHIC] Solar energy facts

Learn important facts regarding solar energy.

What do you know about solar energy? Though you’ve most likely heard the term once or twice, do you know any facts regarding the important subject?

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Interestingly enough, solar energy has been and continues to be on the rise. Even more so, there have been an increasing number of large scale solar farms emerging throughout the United Kingdom.

Specifically, there are over 351 solar farms currently operating in the UK, with more than 668,714 panels set up across the country. Furthermore, statistics have shown that UK solar energy can generate as much as 60 percent of that received at the equator — quite impressive!

And while solar energy has many benefits, the main one is the fact that solar energy does not produce any pollutants and remains to be one of the cleanest sources of energy. As a renewable source of energy, this source is very low maintenance.

Even better is the fact that solar energy is a free resource and is regularly found in abundance. As well, solar technology can be distinguished into both active and passive, depending on your specific need.

Solar energy has a range of uses that includes being converted by green plants into chemical energy which then creates the bio mass that makes up the fossil fuels.

Below, you’ll find an interesting infographic that lists and explores other fun facts regarding solar energy.

Do you currently use solar energy? Let us know in the comments below how this type of energy has impacted your daily life and how it has changed the way you do business.

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