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Siemens gives free electricity to Beirut after explosion

The company is sending two mobile turbines with a capacity of 80MW free of charge. They will secure emergency power for hospitals and other infrastructure

|Aug 14|magazine2 min read

Discussions are underway between Siemens and the Lebanese authorities about how to deliver the SGT-A45 gas turbines to Beirut. Once the logistics have been agreed, the turbines can be transported to Lebanon very quickly. It will then be between six and twelve weeks until they are installed and operational.

80MW of power can provide electricity for 150,000 people, which is half the number of people who have been homeless since the ammonium nitrate explosion on 4 August.

Siemens Energy CEO, Christian Bruch, commented on the agreement: “The tragedy that struck Beirut early in August has saddened us all. We’ve been fortunate that our colleagues in the city are uninjured and we had damage only to our offices. But many companies and families were not so lucky. We’re in a position to provide fast and uncomplicated assistance to the people of Beirut, and so we feel a responsibility in this situation to help wherever we can. We’re ready to secure a reliable, affordable supply of electricity for the people of Lebanon and help them rebuild their country”.

The gas turbines will be provided free of charge for one year. 

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