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[VIDEO] Big Data and the Future of Energy (Internet of Things: Part II)

This video from IBM emphasizes the serious implications that bid data applications could have on the future of energy.

When you think of the future, do you see robot maids and flying cars taking you to and from in a city in the clouds? Or do you see an intelligent society that monitors its inefficiencies, controls its waste and works toward a better, and more importantly, smarter future?

Yesterday we talked about some of the fundamentals of the Internet of Things and what that could mean for the future of energy. But what is the Internet of Things (IoT) if not a network that does one thing: collect data?

A far cry from the Orwellian days of the supposed future when every move would be tracked, every thought catalogued and every desire judged,  today data is being harnessed to improve day-to-day life of everyday people.

Think about the last update your smartphone had, and all the people who provided feedback on the previous software bugs that the patch was designed to fix. Think about the last time you were looking for the perfect restaurant to take a date and you consulted Yelp for crowdsourced recommendations. And think about the last time your energy bill was $20 lower because of a meter installed free-of-charge to monitor the fluctuations in electricity draw in your home.

That’s a future that is more real than you may think. In the following video from Youtube channel IBM Big Data & Analytics, the impact that big data is already having on energy is explained, as well as a snippet of what the future could hold.


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