Envision Smart Energy

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What does a smart grid enabled future look like? And what does it mean for customers? In this video, Duke Energy offers a look. It was shot on location at the company's Envision Center near Cincinnati, Ohio. Cast Keith: Keith Flippen Mom: Stephanie Brumer Dad: Michael Schneider Son: Tanner Eck Daughter: Sydney Kline Townspeople: Carla Belcher, John Blanco, Liz Bolger, Ashley Bravo, Denise Cox, Jeff Dawn, Matthew Gallagher, Grace Hehman, Crystal Johnson, Carl Jones, Lovell Knight, Jana Lewis, Yolanda Lewis, Olivia Reblando, Julia Scholle Crew Executive Producer: Paige Layne, Scott Pacer Producer: Jim Hammond Director: Greg Daughtry Director of Photography: Graham Smith Writers: Jim Hammond, Don Jeffries Gaffer: Scott Scholler Grip: Ken Rumgay Grip: Dustin Tate Jib Operator: Pat Stevens Sound Mixer: Tim Dutton Hair/Makeup: Laurie McSwain Production Assistant: Allison Gottlieb Craft Service: Whats for Dinner? Casting: Corrigan & Johnston Extras Casting: Katalyst Post-Production Editor: Jamison Lee Animation: Ron Edelen Myjive, Inc. Music: Fred Story Concentrix Music and Sound Design, Inc. Sound Design: Anthony Fedele Concentrix Music and Sound Design, Inc.