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AT&T aims for zero-waste-to-landfill in 100 facilities by 2020

AT&T sets ambitious goal to reduce waste in its US-based headquarters

AT&T, the world’s largest telecommunications company, has announced the goal of reaching zero-waste-to-landfill in 100 of its sites by 2020.

According to a Zero Waste International Alliance (ZIWA) guideline, the firm needs to recycle or compost at least 90% of its waste in order to meet the target in two years’ time.

The company’s latest report on sustainability noted that in 2016, AT&T only diverted 30% of its waste from landfill.

“It takes all of us working together to protect our planet. That’s why we want to apply the power of our network and our people to be part of the waste solution,” stated Charlene Lake, Chief Sustainability Officer at AT&T.


“Stepping onto the path to zero-waste is another way our employees are helping to improve our global headquarters community and other communities where we live and work.”

One of the site’s targeted in the pledge is its global headquarters, located in Dallas, Texas.

Prior to the recent announcement, AT&T had previously promised to refurbish or recycle 200mn electric devices by the same deadline.

At current, the company has refurbished or recycled 7mn mobile phones and 68,000 computers, monitors, and servers.


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