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[INFOGRAPHIC] How to meet water and energy needs

As a society, we must learn how to preserve our water and energy.
The future depends on us finding new ways to optimize our use of water and energy.

Are you worried about our future? When it comes to how we use water and energy, we may need to take a look at our resources to better understand what our future holds.

Below, you’ll find an infographic that details the water and energy needs for different societies. Furthermore, you’ll discover information regarding the production of energy from wastewater and various challenges that we could eventually face.

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The image also depicts progress, as well as what is specifically needed in order to accomplish universal water and energy access. After all, water and energy are essential components when it comes to developing and strengthening society.

It’s extremely important to discover new methods to preserve water and energy, as well as optimize the way we currently use our water and energy. Specifically, we need to find ways to produce more with less.

This image is particularly interesting, as it shows what the world will need by the year 2050. For example, if the world population continues to increase by 80 million people each year, then we will need to increase our water by 55 percent; our energy will need to increase by 70 percent.

Take a look at all of the data!

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[SOURCE: Science for Peace]

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