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New plastic offset scheme introduced by blockchain startup

Plastic offset scheme designed by Blockchain Development Company

Blockchain Development Company (BCDC), a blockchain startup based in the UK, introduced on 14 November its new initiative that calculates of an annual plastic footprint, and allows people to offset it.

The Plastic-Offset Scheme offer businesses and families to purchase BCDC tokens that will be recorded on an immutable blockchain platform, giving stakeholders access to the information ensuring the tokens are spent on worthy projects.

“We are currently in talks with numerous plastic pollution abatement projects around the world. To partner with and invest in them, ensuring true global plastic-offset,” stated Gordon Cowan, Chief Executive of BCDC.


“It is imperative we tackle the plastic problem head on and encourage all projects involved in fighting plastic pollution to contact us and join the BCDC Global Plastic-Offset Scheme,” he added.

“We believe our initiative is a fantastic way of combating this, and every purchase of a BCDC token will allow us to grow the scheme and fight the scourge of plastic pollution.”

The total amount of plastic produced since the 1950s reaching 8.3bn tonnes and the majority of that ending in landfill.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has warned that by 2050, the oceans could be filled with more plastic than fish.

BCDC has mirrored a carbon offset scheme with its plastic initiative, except with the use of blockchain will alleviate any concerns regarding the verification of token credit spending.


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