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UAE set for groundbreaking rollout of solar bins

'Smart' bins are to be rolled out to high-footfall areas of Sharjah in the coming months.

Late last month, Bee’ah, a leading environment and waste management company in the UAE, began installing ‘smart’ solar bins in the city of Sharjah.

As of 23 June, the first ten smart bins had been installed near tourist sites in the Heart of Sharjah heritage area.

The bins were designed and built by BigBelly, a US-based company specialising in tech-enabled waste and recycling solutions. The bins in Sharjah use solar power to charge an internal battery, which is then used to power all of its features: including WiFi and trash compaction.

The smart bin transmits a WiFi signal that can be accessed by the public and also comes equipped with sensors which detect when it is full. The bin can then send an alert to a central cleaning and collections division signalling that it needs to be emptied.

The bin’s solar panels also provide energy to its internal compactors, which allow it to store five times more refuse before its contents require collection.

Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of Bee’ah said: “In cooperation with our strategic partners, Du and Shurooq, the roll-out of BigBelly smart bins across Sharjah is another step forward in cementing Bee’ah’s commitment to environmental innovations, while increasing efficiency and utility of waste collection in the emirate.”

“Bee’ah is proud to be leading the way in this area and to be the first in the world to deploy this type of technology.”

The company has a months-long plan for the further installation of BigBelly bins in high-footfall areas across Sharjah and the UAE.

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