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William Girling|Jul 10, 2020|magazine

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Fujitsu: enabling the energy sector’s digital transformation

Read NowWith the release of a new whitepaper, leading IT/services company Fujitsu has outlined its vision: a more sustainable future for the energy sector

Featured Interviews

King Arthur
Solis RE

Executive Director

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John McComas
Nordex Group

Head of Project Management at Nordex North America

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Gavin Adda
Total Solar Distributed Generation (SEA)


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Erik Rylander
Stockholm Data Parks

Head of Stockholm Data Parks and Open District Heating

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Rebecca Chenery
Watercare Services

Chief Digital Officer

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Philip Clayson
SSE Energy Services


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Mark Smith
BP - Global Business Services

Head of Procurement Strategy and Transformation

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Stefan Engelhardt

Global VP Go-to-Market Strategy, Industry Business Unit Utilities

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